Psychopathy Playbook

In his book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz explains why we fail to be effective thinkers and he covers most of the topics I do in my book, like the failure to be honest, failure to be responsible and not love thy neighbor, victimhood, denial, creating false narratives, etc., but he fails to understand and communicate causally. However, a big ‘aha’ for me was ¬†that the reason psychopaths operate in a world of fear mongering is that they live in a world of a thousand fears. They know no other world. Everything is to be feared and our job as humans is to fights these fears. The psychopaths use this normal operating system of fear to control others by sharing their false fears with others in order to control them. Because they are so good at fighting fear, which they have done all their lives (since childhood) they believe they are righteous saviors.¬†

Of course this is totally ineffective thinking, but it helps explain why they behave this way.

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