Today, you do not have to be accountable or really have to be able to think causally because life is so easy; everyone gets a trophy and no one is a loser. The only thing that seems to be important is that we embrace without scrutiny every culture and every idea as having value. While this may make us feel good, it is a failed strategy because it does not follow life’s fundamental principles and we need to stop thinking this way if we are to survive as a successful culture and perhaps even as a species.

At the core of this ineffective thinking problem is the fact that our education system does not teach the principles of causation. Sure, our schools teach the basic skill sets, but in our increasingly complicated world, understanding the causes of our reality and our problems should be at the top of the list of things to learn. The majority of employers want critical problem-solving skills as the number one ability of any new hire. And some schools claim they provide training in critical thinking, but they don’t, because they don’t know about the principles of causation that our ancestors learned thousands of years ago.

So unless there are outside influences from family and other groups with some moral character who know why this country is so great, the average student who graduates from any level of the American school system today is a liberal lackey bound to unknowingly help destroy that which our forefathers have created – the greatest culture in the history of mankind. Effective Thinking helps prevent that from happening by filling the big hole that our education system has created.